What prayer means to me!

I have turned my fear and worry into prayer. Anytime my circumstances or obstacles try to present themselves bigger than YHWH, and anxiety begins to set in, I stop in my tracks and remember that I am not alone in this and that my thoughts do not need to go where they used to go before I surrendered my life to Yeshua. YHWH is bigger than my circumstances! I am no longer where I used to be and I must continue to pray more so that I worry less. I must remember that YHWH knows what is taking place in my life, and I have Him to turn to in prayer and I know that He will see me through and work all things out in my life, and I’m going to allow Him in. I cannot give power to Satan because he wants me to focus on the circumstance and what I’m up against to paralyze me with fear and doubt so that I take my eyes off of YHWH. When I pray, things do work together for good as the scripture Romans 8:28 reminds us. We cannot always see the outcome of how things will turn out or figure things out on our own, and this is where our faith comes in. We must have faith in YHWH and not in our circumstances. We must trust and believe for our prayers to succeed. Praise YHWH always! Dawn