Power of Prayer

Prayer is the key to God moving in your life and changing circumstances!  It is the absolute joy of our Father to move on the behalf of His children, when we seek Him to be the ultimate, not only in a situation, but in every aspect of the life He blesses us with!  Sometimes it is hard to see Him in the midst of a storm, but like any other storm, there comes an end to it!  How much time is spent in the storm is determined by us when we finally let God take over!  While in that storm, we must draw closer to God and focus on Him!  Soon, the length of the storm doesn’t matter because God does what He needs to do in us!  Once that storm is over, we clearly see that we are changed and ready to begin, transformed and unashamed!

Please send us your prayer requests so that we may intercede on your behalf and come into agreement with you. 

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One thought on “Power of Prayer

  1. Wow! So true! Prayer is such a powerful weapon & the ultimate shield of protection for us as it continues to remind us that God is ultimately in control. God has moved so much in my life when I let go & let God & continue to pray through everything & trust God with no doubts in my heart that he will always see me through.

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