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We know it can be difficult in finding good movies that feed your mind and spirit, so we put together a list of movies for you that we continue to update. Please feel free to message us with your movie suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

Here are some faith based & inspirational movies that we recommend:

Faith Based:

Until Forever (Pureflix)

Letters to God (Pureflix)

The Grace Card (DVD/Netflix)

Courageous (DVD)

God’s Not Dead & God’s Not Dead 2 (DVD)

Do You Believe? (DVD)

War Room (DVD)

God’s Compass (Pureflix)

Let the Church Say Amen (Netflix)

Somebody’s Child (Netflix)

Brother White (Netflix)

Me Again (Pureflix)

Faith of Our Father’s (Pureflix)

The Wager (Pureflix)

Miracles in Heaven (DVD)

God’s Club (Netflix)

In the Name of God (Netflix)

King’s Faith (Netflix)

Jimmy (Pureflix)

What If (Pureflix)


Lifted (Pureflix)

Waffle Street (Netflix)

Joyful Noise (Netflix)

A Long Way Off (Pureflix & Netflix)

Brother’s Keeper (Pureflix)

Camp (Netflix)

Angel in the House (Netflix)

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